N i c o l e A u b e

N i c o l e  A n d r e a  A u b e (born 1980 in Levis, Quebec), 

singer, songwriter, pianist, music producer. Moved to Kitchener, Ontario as a child with her parents and sister, then spent her late teens and early twenties in Toronto, earning a degree at York University (English Spec. HBA, Music minor). After graduating, Nicole traveled around Ontario performing at folk clubs, and recording her demos at no fewer than 8 different professional and home studios. 

Philosoft, her professional debut, was recorded at Cedartree Recording Studios in Kitchener from 2006-2011. Nicole has been releasing it slowly, physical copies of the album were available in 2012, and a digital release is coming in 2013.

For booking contact: frogsaroyan@wildmail.com

For licensing contact: zj@indiepool.com

Hello my poets, real lovers and everyone! A $1 download of Ninth Madder Dream (The Bangladesh Song) is now on Bandcamp: All proceeds of the sale go towards funding the Take Back The Night event, organized by the S.A.S.C., who offer support to all women: immigrant, aboriginal, queer, differently abled, women of colour, survivors of war and torture.

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